New college precautions starting this fall

For safety during the current pandemic, colleges will be implementing new guidelines and regulations as classes begin in the fall. This will affect both college students and faculty.

Beginning this fall, new guidelines will be put in place for colleges which will change precautions taken by students and learning styles to fit with online or in-person policies.
Current Montgomery County Community College student Alise Datts is planning on attending Temple University next year.
Datts is a little bit worried about going back in person next year, but feels safe as long as everyone follows the safety procedures. Datts currently feels safe with how Montgomery County Community College is dealing with COVID. “All of the classes are online except for the science classes that need to use the labs,” Datts said.
Colleges are currently trying to change some of the safety requirements around the fact that vaccines are being given out. Some colleges are even requiring that students next year must have their vaccine.
“I’m not sure if Temple is requiring students to have vaccines, but they do offer vaccines,” senior Abby Clements said.
Clements is planning on going to Temple University next year, as well.
Clements feels fairly safe as well as long as everyone follows the guidelines. “I would be comfortable as long as everyone in my classes and on campus wears their mask and takes precautions,” Clements said.
Temple University has not yet indicated whether or not they are going back in person in the fall. “I’m pretty sure they are, but I think they’re also going to be doing online,” Datts said.
If colleges go back in person there could be some downfalls involving the COVID-19 virus.
“I think that COVID numbers may increase because of the social life that goes on in college,” Clements said.
Datts also agrees with Clements that she believes that the numbers will go up but for a different reason.
“It all depends on how much they are enforcing the 6ft distance and the mask rule. If schools don’t enforce it of course the numbers are going to spike again,” Datts said.
It would be important for colleges to enforce the COVID-19 procedures in colleges not only for the safety of the students but so that students feel comfortable returning in person. “I need to be back in person to feel comfortable,” Montgomery County Community College student Victoria Forbes said.
Even if students feel comfortable going back in person to college they still have some worries. “My main worries are people taking off their masks and random people entering my personal space,” Datts said.
While Datts is being very cautious about her safety, Forbes just wants to get back to school. “I’m not worried, I just want to go back and learn,” Forbes said.