Quarantine fun can be free

There are many activities people can do while stuck in the house during quarantine. They can be fun and free.

During this quarantine many people want to enjoy themselves, but this is difficult to do when one is at home and can’t see other people. Many individuals turn to electronics to aid their boredom.
There are many free activities that can be done at home for people who are in quarantine. Podcasts, virtual tours at a museum, or live concerts can be fun from home.
Many people are unaware of the different variety of entertainment that can happen at home.
“I am more interested now. I have paid attention to the live performances of shows like Saturday Night Live and Late Night shows that were recorded at home. I will check out the live concerts, though,” junior Emma Groatman said.
There are many live concerts people can watch at home.
“There is a “Stray Kids” concert and a “Pale Waves” one that my sister wanted to go see. There is also a “TWICE” concert we both wanted to go to. Now we are going to watch it live,” senior Abigail Fender said.
Fender is not the only one who listens to podcasts and watches live concerts.
Spotify is free for not only podcasts but many different kinds of music. It gives different playlists for many different occasions.
“I actually started listening to David Dobriks podcast from Spotify” sophomore Ava Blon said.
Another site that people use to listen to podcasts is Castbox or Google play music. Not everything people do at home has to be on electronics.
“I have been dancing, singing, and going on bike rides,” New Hope-Solebury High School junior Jazilynn Haley said.
Haley is not the only person doing more exercise.
“I have mostly done things in the realm of working out using YouTube videos,” Groatman said.
Some people are even taking up new extracurricular activities. Freshman Darcy Wooltorton-Hurley has been learning “the ukulele and baking” in her free time.
Wooltorton-Hurley is not the only person that has managed to learn new things without electronics.
“I have taken up fitness, baking, puzzles, and writing,” Groatman said.