President-elect Joe Biden appoints cabinet, President Donald Trump calls for vote recounts

As the 2020 Presidential Election comes to a close, President-elect Joe Biden now begins choosing his cabinet. Along with this, current President Donald Trump calls for recounts in multiple states.

As a result of the 2020 presidential election, President-elect Joe Biden has begun making decisions to appoint his cabinet for his first term as president.
The president’s cabinet is a constitutionally protected group of people who advise the President and help carry out the roles of the executive branch.
Every term, the president elect selects people who they personally think will be the best fit for the job.
According to AP Government teacher Amanda Gale, President-elect Joe Biden is looking for “a mix of experience and vision.”
There are many leadership positions available in areas such as government education, homeland security, agriculture etc. Once nominated, many of them have to be confirmed by a majority vote in the senate.
Though many positions remain unannounced, Joe Biden has added John Kerry as the Climate Envoy, which is a new position. Political science major Cassie Rodrique believes that this new position is going to lead to positive changes in the environment.
“My biggest issue in politics is the environment and climate change action,” Rodrique said. “I was really invested in seeing who Biden would choose for this position.”
Rodrique thinks that John Kerry is “very experienced in his field” and will make a positive impact when it comes to climate control.
John Kerry signed for the US on the Paris Climate Accord, a worldwide effort to help reverse climate damage.
According to the United Nations (UN), the Paris Agreement builds upon the Convention and for the first time brings all nations into a common pursuit of undertaking ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effect.”
Gale thinks that the United States is a politically divided country right now.
“Our last two elections have shown a growing partisan divide between not just our elected officials, but average citizens, as well,” Gale said.
Some believe that the key to success is to have a cabinet where all views are represented in some way.
“Logistically, because our country is so polarized, it’s important to have both voices present in order to make compromises and move forward,” Rodrique said.
This year’s election has presented many unprecedented challenges. In reaction to his loss, current President Donald Trump has called for a vote recount in several states, including Wisconsin.
“We have never had a sitting president (in modern history) not concede after losing and instead stoke the accusations of fraud so forcefully,” Gale said.
According to NBC, President Trump has called for recounts in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Michigan, but the legal challenges have since failed.