Harry Styles’ album is ‘Golden’

With 12 unique songs, Harry Styles releases “Fine Line” and amazes fans. Released on December 13, the album consists of songs about love, self expression and identity.

Displaying his triumphs and struggles with self identity and love through music, Harry Styles released his album “Fine Line” on December 13. Within 12 songs, Styles showcases his musical creativity along with deep lyrical meanings and symbolism.
The album cover delivers a colorful and fun vibe. Styles is shown dressed in a pink and white outfit in front of a blue and pink background.
There is a hand in black and white reaching out towards Styles and the point of view is through a fisheye camera.
“Fine Line” is Styles’ second solo album following his self-titled debut album “Harry Styles.”
Beginning with the song “Golden,” “Fine Line” immediately impressed me.
The 70s style song sets the tone of the album and introduces it with a happy mood.
Styles did an interview with Apple Music before the release and shared his perspective of the song.
According to Styles, “It’s like driving down the coast is what the song is for.”
Overall, “Golden” is a catchy song with a simple melody and repetitive lyrics.
Styles released three songs from the album prior to the official release titled “Watermelon Sugar,” “Adore You,” and “Fine Line.”
Each song is symbolic and tuneful. “Watermelon Sugar” comes off as very catchy and it has a good horn section.
“Adore You” is an essential song to the album.
It has a creative melody and guitar is featured.
The song was released prior to the release of the album, along with a music video.
The video tells a story of Styles growing up on a small island called “Eroda,” which is “adore” spelled backwards.
Throughout the video, Styles is caring for a fish.
All in all, the music video is fairly peculiar, but a cool concept.
Following “Adore You” on the album is the song “Lights Up,” which contains ambiguous lyrics, conveying Style’s struggles with identity.
“Lights Up” was released with a music video before the album came out.
The video shows Styles singing his song while in a crowd of people surrounding him.
“Lights Up” is a warm song with nicely layered harmonies, adding to the colorful 70s pop rock vibe.
Through the song, Styles states, “Do you know who you are?” “Step into the light,” and “I’m not ever going back” multiple times.
It is unclear if Styles is speaking to himself or referencing the listener during the song.
The next song on the album is titled “Cherry.”
According to songmeaningsandfacts.com, this song is about Camille Rowe, Styles’ ex-girlfriend.
The unique part of this calming song is at the end when a voicemail of Rowe speaking in French is played.
According to songmeaningsandfacts.com, in the 40 seconds that Rowe is speaking, she says “Hello! Are you asleep? Oh, I’m sorry…” “Well, no… Nope, it’s not important…“”Well then… We went to the beach and now we—“”Perfect! Harry.”
“Cherry” is a sad, yet calming song that highlights Style’s vocals and acoustic guitar.
After “Cherry” comes the song “Falling.” This song sticks out as the sorrowful ballad on the album.
Listening to “Falling” is definitely an experience. The song is surely a tearjerker about Styles falling into a sadness based on a breakup and identity.
During the songs, he sings “What am I now?,” and “What if I’’m someone I don’t want around?,” which conveys that he is on his own and is lost.
Although the piece is written with a simple chord progression, it is extremely special to the album.
Moving down the album comes the song “To Be So Lonely.”
It is a cute heartfelt song with great instrumentals and melodies.
The following song, “She” is the best song on the album to me. It features excellent guitar, adding to the rock feel of the album.
According to songmeaningsandfacts.com, the song has been interpreted to be about Style’s feminine side.
The lyrics are written in third person and talk about “a woman who’s just in his head.”
This is a brilliant and creative song.
It expresses Style’s feelings through amazing vocals and a heartfelt tempo.
The next song on the album, titled “Sunflower, Vol. 6” is a happy song that reminds me of Queen songs because of the harmony styles.
Then comes “Canyon Moon,” which is a very happy go lucky song.
This piece is about Styles returning home.
Listening to it makes me feel like I am either sitting around a campfire with friends or on a tropical island in the sun.
Placed after “Canyon Moon” is “Treat People With Kindness.”
This song is enjoyable because it has a gospel tone and it is upbeat. Styles’ slogan is known to be “treat people with kindness,” which is what this song represents along with unity.
The final song on the album is called “Fine Line.” Listening to this song is also an experience.
The piece is a fabulous way to conclude the album, as it essentially wraps things up with the lyrics “We’ll be alright.”
It is very easy to become immersed in the song “Fine Line” as it is emotional, but also delightful.
Each song on the “Fine Line” album has musical flavor and consists of real and symbolic lyrics.