For some media, fans play the waiting game

Worth the wait? Fans of movies, TV shows and albums wait for more content from their favorite celebrities.

From writing scripts, music and coding, it can sometimes take a very long time to create films, TV shows, video games and music. Fans often wait months or even years to finally see the publishing of long-awaited media.
Podcaster and long time DC movie fan, Scott McCellan, is a huge supporter of the “Snyder-Cut”. The “Snyder-Cut” is the director’s cut of the 2017 superhero film, “Justice League”, directed by Zack Snyder. It has not been released by Warner Brothers, but currently waiting fans are getting little teases from the movies cast and crew that it will be released soon.
During the production of “Justice League” in 2016, Snyder took a step down from directing the film due to family issues and “The Avengers” director, Joss Wheedon, came in, taking Snyder’s place. When the theatrical version was released, reviews for the film plummeted.
“We were systematically deceived by Warner Bros. Studios as we were told time and time again between May and November 2017 that they were keeping Snyder’s vision alive and that the Joss Wheedon-written and directed reshoots were polishes,” McCellan said. “When the movie was released, it was plainly obvious that was not the case; this was an attempt to construct a completely different movie.”
While the “Snyder-Cut” supporters are still waiting for what they want to see, “Rick and Morty” fans have just been given the start to season four after a little over two years of waiting.
Sophomore Melissa Ryder, a fan of “Rick and Morty,” created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roilaand, had to wait for season to come out and said “I do [like season four],” Ryder said.
“Rick and Morty” has not only been renewed for a fourth season, but instead has been renewed for 70 episodes. An average season will be around 11-13 episodes, so 70 episodes total will cover a few more seasons.
“Roiland and Harmon didn’t want to renew a single season,” Ryder said. “I think that they wanted to spend as much time on negotiations as possible so that they could get exactly what they want for the show.”
Senior Peyton Skoures, also has been anticipating Selena Gomez’ upcoming album album.
“She wrote some of those songs 4 years ago,” Skoures said. Selena Gomez just dropped two new singles “Lose You To Love Me” and “Look At Her Now.”
“I think because she was dealing with the previous relationship [she was in] and she wasn’t ready,” Skoures said about the long wait.
Video games take a very long time to be made on their own, especially in “Watchdogs: Legion’s” case, it took 3 years to make. So when video games get pushed back or postponed it’s usually for good reason, to fix bugs or any glitches. But this time it was out of the blue. For “Watch Dogs Legion”, the third installment of the “Watch Dogs” video game series, Ubisoft, a video game programming company, pushed the game back to the next fiscal year.
“I think [it’s disappointing that Ubisoft postponed the game],” sophomore Buster Schmitz said. “Maybe they could just release a beta so [the fans] could see the basics of the game.”
Even fans who don’t have an official release for their content, such as McCellan for the “Snyder Cut”, are still waiting for media. “Recent events have led me to believe that [the release of the ‘Snyder-Cut’] may be sooner rather than later,” McCellan said.
According to Ryder, fans having to wait a little over two years for a new season of a TV show can be “difficult” but “worth it.”