Don’t worry, be hoppy at Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe

Cooking up fresh and original options, Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe provides homemade food for all to enjoy. The cafe is located on 282 Hunsberger Ln. in Harleysville.

Bringing interesting and new ideas to the community, Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe is breaking the mold. The restaurant is separating itself from the usual fast food or pizza place in Harleysville with their menu, which offers a wide variety of brunch items. These items range from various forms of eggs benedict to multiple spins on belgian waffles.
Tucked away near the Bullfrog Creek of Harleysville, the cafe got its name from the owner and location.
The name Sammy’s comes from owner Sam Fuerst, who was previously the head chef at Harleysville’s Energy Station.
Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe is located in Harleysville on Hunsberger Lane. The recently opened cafe already looked to be more successful than its predecessor; Castello’s Pizzeria, as the parking lot was full as I arrived.
From the outside, it didn’t look very big, but once I stepped foot inside I saw that its was very spacious, with plenty of room for hungry customers.
The cafe provided a homey feel, along with accommodating and friendly service. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a smile and quickly seated. The staff were very kind, made sure I had everything I needed and always made sure the cafe was at its cleanest.
The wait time was not long at all, it took only 8 minutes for my food to arrive to my table after ordering.
I ordered the short stack of Cinnamon Bun Pancakes, which was delicious. The short stack included 2 pancakes, which were dressed in a tasty cinnamon bun glaze, Cinnabon icing, and powdered sugar.
The glaze and the icing offered a very sweet taste as a topping and complimented the pancakes themselves very well.
The pancakes were perfect, just soft enough and easy to cut.
The price was affordable and you get your money’s worth with the size of the dish. The short stack rang up at just over $8.
Overall, I really enjoyed Sammy’s Bullfrog Cafe and I believe it is here to stay in Harleysville.
5/5 stars