News Byte: National Honor Society holds a virtual induction in wake of COVID-19

Because of the new protocol surrounding the current pandemic, the National Honors Society is holding their first virtual induction.

To adapt to the Coronavirus precautions, the National Honor Society (NHS) is holding the annual induction virtually this year on November 16.
The NHS is doing virtual inductions this year to avoid in person contact because of COVID-19.
Though many wish the induction could happen in person, “It’s definitely safer to do it online,” NHS treasurer Medha Kurukunda said.
Because she hopes to give the new inductees a full NHS induction experience, NHS advisor Cynthia Geschwindt says that they’re still trying to light the candles for the ceremony. “We’re hoping to be able to light the candles,” Geschwindt said, “but we don’t know if we can yet”. Along with the candles, Geschwindt says that officers are still able to give speeches as well.
NHS is in the process of planning the video for the induction.“We’re working on getting videos of the officers giving their speech” Kurukunda said, “and getting everyone who’s got in pictures right now.”
The video will be sent out to NHS members and their parents as a link in an email on the 16, according to Geschwindt.
Because there’s still a lot to be determined about the virtual induction, Kurukunda said that technical problems and timing might be issues in the future.
The main issue is timing for the submissions of photos and videos. “We want to make sure that photos and everything are submitted on time,” Kurukunda said.
Though the NHS isn’t certain about everything regarding the induction, “everything’s going well so far,” Kurukunda said.