Athletes stay conditioned during pandemic

By doing workouts from home, Souderton high school athletes are keeping conditioned and staying fit during COVID-19.


Photo by Katie Mellott Keeping it conditioned…To stay in shape during the track season junior Katie Mellott is working out at home during the pandemic.

To stay in condition, students have been getting very creative on different kinds of workouts during COVID-19. The students have been doing more virtual workouts and working out at home and less of working out as a group in person.
“We normally have a meeting and stretch as a team over Zoom,” swim team member Morgan James said.
Different winter sports teams have been doing more virtual meetings to be safe from Covid. The swim team has had to be extra careful because they can’t wear masks in the water. “None of the team really hang out with friends that often and we’re always wearing masks when we can,” swim team member Abby Burns said.
The sun team isn’t the only team that is taking serious precautions from Covid. “We wear a mask when we are doing everything on track and if we need a mask break, we separate about 13 feet apart to take off our mask,” track member Anna Tevald said.
The students are working really hard to keep conditioned since they can’t have as many practices. “I have been using a lot of online workouts that my friends have found from social media and my coach also sent out weekly workouts,” James said.
James isn’t the only one that is doing extra workouts apart from practices and Zoom workouts. “I just stayed up with whatever workouts I could do at home and just stayed in shape. I am treating it kind of like just a tougher off-season,” junior Katie Mellott said.
The swim team only has practice alternating days with the girls and boys, but winter track has practice every day still. “We had one meet today. So to prepare for that we have been training or actual events more often,” Tevald said.
Mellott and the winter track team have been working extra hard preparing for tournaments and meets. “Last week especially, having just come off three weeks with only at-home training, we worked really hard to make up for that time the best we could. We got a little crunched for time with our first meet coming up but we really cracked down, used our time wisely, made sure to work hard on being ready for our first meet in all our different events,” Mellott said.
While this year the different teams have been able to prepare physically it has been harder than in past years for them to prepare mentally. “We used to have pasta parties a lot, but since we can’t gather in big groups we aren’t allowed this year. This really used to help us bond as a team,” Burns said.
Even though the swim team is so used to bonding it hasn’t been as much trouble for the track team to deal with not being able to do any team bonding activities. “Winter track was always a smaller and more individual sport. Even before Covid, we never did very many team bonding activities,” Tevald said.