#FreeBritney “Spear”heads Movement in Abolishing Conservatorship

The movement to free Britney Spears from a conservatorship with her father has swept the internet. Of central interest to the movement is content posted on Spears’s Intagram account.

The hashtag #FreeBritney has swept the internet recently, rising in popularity and attention. The hashtag is addressing the legal relationship between Britney Spears and her father, Jamie Spears. As Jamie holds a conservatorship of Britney, he is granted the ability to control various aspects of her estate and personal life.
The implementation of the conservatorship was catalyzed by Britney’s infamous and public mental break in 2007 in which multiple involuntary psychiatric holds ensued afterwards. As she was in and out of rehabilitation several times, the conservatorship was established in 2008.
But now, in 2020, the movement to free Britney from her conservatorship has gained new traction from fans and internet spectators. The internet speculates that Britney may feel trapped in her conservatorship with her father, as she posts cryptic messages to her social media accounts, particularly Instagram. This has brought attention to the movement by the news outlets New York Times, Forbes, the Washington Post, and more to further investigate what could be happening. There are also those who believe that Britney is under the influence of psychoactive substances, through images and videos of her that have been posted. The speculation that Britney could be under the influence of psychoactive substances further draws attention to the circumstances of the conservatorship, as her father controls aspects of her healthcare in addition to those of her finances.
According to Business Insider, Britney’s net worth is about $59 million. Much of her revenue comes from her records, tours, and licensing deals. She has a whopping 19 fragrances that she has collected revenue on. Lots of her finances, however, are accounted for in paying lawyersk taxes, child support, investments, and other conservatorship related fees. Britney has expressed a desire to establish Bessemer Trust Co. as her conservator, replacing her father. Instead of Bessemer Trust Co. gaining full conservatorship, they entered into a co-conservatorship with Jamie Spears.
Much of what the public can deduce is mere speculation, due to the smoke and mirrors of her fame, but that has not prevented the movement behind getting Britney out of her conservatorship in gaining traction. Most recently, in early August, Britney had a conservatorship hearing in an attempt to remove her father. The hearing was sealed from the public, and was unsuccessful. This further begs the question into what is actually taking place behind closed doors.
Despite the outcome of that hearing, Britney continues to receive support in the comment sections of her social media platforms. The hashtag continues to be used, and the media continues to speculate as to what really could be happening.
Although it may be the media that saves her from conservatorship, it is important to note that the media facilitated her being put there. Many of Britney’s close contacts believe that the fame, spotlight, and fast lifestyle put her in a position vulnerable to issues in her personal life and with her mental health. This is not uncommon for those who exist in the spotlight.