The Way We See It: Closing thoughts on a whirlwind year

Thank you to everyone. We are closing on a difficult year and we should be proud of ourselves.


Cartoon by Khoi D. Moye

Congratulations everyone on making it through this school year.
For all of the seniors, congratulations. You have accomplished something immensely important. Today is the culmination of over a decade of learning, laughs, frustration, and work. Whatever your plans for the future, this marks an important milestone.
The hand we’ve been dealt this year is not fair. In the cards of network disruption to coronavirus, we also have been dealt flexibility. The invaluable skill of change and acceptance. As we grow and move forward, let’s learn to not set expectations. These expectations will only breed resentments.
This has been the year where we have all been taught the lesson of disappointment.
Disappointment when things fail to live up to the way we envisioned. By no means is it a happy lesson to learn, but it is an important one.
The year has been marked by two viruses. The first, on the third day of school. We collectively found a way to make it work.
We hand wrote more, checked our grades less and hopefully gained an appreciation for the hard work put in by the teachers and staff.
The second virus cut our year short. After a two-week limbo, it became clearer that COVID-19 is going to be a major disruption to everything.
We had to deal with our disappointments as well as simultaneously adapt to life at home. Life where things may not run smoothly, but we have to course-correct and find a way,
Again, the hope is to gain as much knowledge, real world knowledge, as possible.
These unforeseen circumstances have created a rare opportunity.
We have seen immense creativity and ingenuity on the part of students, teachers and parents.
This creativity has given birth to innovation and when in-person learning resumes, hopefully we can apply that innovation and never stop thinking creatively.
The world is changing and we have a unique power to make an impact.
Let’s take the tools we’ve been given, the tools we’ve learned, and step out into the world ready to be of use. Ready to do something great.