Fifth graders prepare for higher education

With new educational settings on the horizon, fifth graders across the district are excited about their futures. While they look to the future, they also recall the specialness of elementary school.


Ashley Magnus

Moving up…Preparing for the next step, West Broad 5th grader Ashley Magnus graduates in 2016. Magnus will graduate from Souderton Area High School on June 12.

In anticipation of their next step in education, fifth graders across the district reflect on elementary school as they prepare to graduate at the end of the school year.
Fifth-grader Cooper Llewellyn said he will miss field trips and recess most after elementary school.
“My favorite part of elementary school was field trips,” Llewellyn said. “They were fun. I also am going to miss recess too.”
Fifth-grader Aspen Noll is also going to miss elementary school but for her teachers.
“My favorite part of elementary school is probably my teachers,” Aspen said.
The transition is a very bittersweet opportunity for the class of 2030.
Llewellyn is ready to leave elementary school already and explore a new world.
“I am excited to walk to school now instead of riding the bus,” said Llewelyn. “I am also excited to cook in [Family and Consumer Science classes.]”
Fifth-grader Chase Noll is also excited about the changes in middle school, especially independence.
“I’m excited to walk around the school,” Chase said.
The anticipation has also led these kids to start thinking about their futures and what they’d like to do in high school and beyond.
Llewellyn would like to play high school soccer and get “all passing grades.”
Aspen said that she would like to get into art in high school.
Down the road, Llewellyn said that he would like to be a videogame designer or a soccer star and go to Harvard.
Aspen and Chase both have dreams of being pro athletes: Aspen in field hockey, swimming or diving and Chase in lacrosse.
A piece of advice Llewellyn has for people who are new to elementary school is “do not get on the teacher’s bad side.”
Aspen said that they should “do their best” and not doubt themselves.
Chase advises that new elementary school students should “have fun” and make tons of friends.
For those who are about to graduate, Aspen says to follow your dreams.
“It may seem scary to go out to the big open world but once you actually take in how big it is you’ll see that the world is not scary and it’s just beautiful,” Aspen said.
Llewellyn advises others to “get a job” after graduation.
From Franconia to West Broad Street, each school in the district has planned its own festivities to celebrate its Class of 2023 fifth graders.
The fifth graders will move to their respective middle schools next school year and will say goodbye to their elementary schools for the first time.
Aspen said she is looking forward to all the festivities her school, Salford Hills, has planned for the graduates.
“We decorate our cars and we do a parade around our school in our cars,” Aspen said. “They even write notes on the road for us.”
Aspen also said that she is excited about outdoor school before graduation because it is “so fun.”
Fifth-grader Emmie Williams says she is very excited about Franconia’s promotion night.
Franconia’s promotion night is a tradition that has lasted more than a decade and continues to excite fifth graders for their futures.