Issue 2 ‘Herd’ in the Hallways

Issue 2 Herd in the Hallways

“I go commando in my shoes.”

“Don’t defile the munchkins with jelly.”

“Don’t ever put steak in the toaster.”

“I am an Oxford comma type of gal.”

Student: “I had a dream about a gorilla throwing up gang signs at me.”
Teacher: “Well, they know sign language.”

“If you were actually 30, you wouldn’t be wearing a sweater vest.”

“I am a legal adult. Now I can buy a hamster without my mom’s permission.

“Wait…chicken fingers aren’t the actual fingers of a chicken?”

Teacher: “Oh yes, that was funny. Giggle giggle.”

“Investment Club! Halt!”

“While addressing Frank the bearded dragon: “Don’t you dare poop on my MacBook Pro.”

“You’re really racking in that McDonald’s cash.”

Uber driver: “I’m 73-years-old.”
Passenger: “Wow, you look really good.”
Uber driver: “It’s the Cheez-Itz.”

“An example of a famous Leo – Mr. Murphy.”