Pets adopted during quarantine adapt to a ‘ruff’ time without owners

Some people chose to adopt pets over quarantine because they wanted a pet to keep them company. There is some unsureness of what people are going to do with their new pets as quarantine ends and they go back to school and work.


**Fluffy Bunny…** *During quarantine, sophomore Ella Haynes adopted Ash the bunny. Ash is currently relaxing at Haynes’ house.* *Photo by Ella Haynes*

With adoption, people have been getting new pets during quarantine to stay with them at home. But, now that quarantine is over, people are not sure what to do with their pets as they go back to school or work.
People have been adopting many different kinds of pets. “I got two bunnies named Ash and Loki. A lion head mixed with a flemington giant,” sophomore Ella Haynes said.
Haynes got one for her and one for her younger sister. “I wanted a pet and I wanted to get one for my sister for her birthday,” Haynes said.
Haynes loves having a pet bunny. Her favorite part is “the love and trust she puts in me.”
Haynes got a small animal but Souderton resident Victoria Forbes got a pet that’s even smaller. “I got Meghan. She is a glow fish. She’s pink and purple, so it caught my eye,” Forbes said.
Forbes had no plans of getting a fish the day she got a fish. “I walked into the pet store to look at the dogs and saw the fishes. I decided that I wanted one. So I bought one,” Forbes said.
Forbes really likes having a fish. “I clean the tank and feed her… I don’t like changing the water in the tank…but, she’s a good fish,” Forbes said.
Fish and bunnies aren’t the only animals that people have been adopting during quarantine. Senior Alana Moyer got two baby guinea pigs. “Their names are Pepper and Nutmeg,” Moyer said.
Moyer does a lot for her two pets. “I clean the cage, refill their bottles for water, give them hay, and let them run around a while. I also give them food and clean up their messes on the floor. I love to hold them and pet them,” Moyer said.
Moyer does a lot of work for two smaller pets, but English teacher Kristen Momsen does just as much work for her three dogs.
“I have three Great Danes and two of them I got over quarantine,” Momsen said.
Luckily, since Momsen has gone back to work, there have been no major incidents with the dogs. “The newest dog, who is also the smallest, howls a lot because he misses us, but there’s been nothing too bad,” Momsen said.
Momsen isn’t raising these three dogs alone. Her husband and two kids help a lot with taking care of the dogs. “Luckily, my husband just changed jobs and he is able to work at home all the time. So he is home with the dogs,” Momsen said.