Dresses, tuxedos fill historic senior prom dance floor

Senior prom 2021 was not supposed to happen, but the high school was able to provide something to allow the graduating class some sort of normalcy in this hectic year.


***Just the beginning…****Hosted at The Fuge, the senior prom began with buffet-style dinner. Many students left belongings at their tables to dance in the pavilion outside the building.* *Arrowhead Photo by AnnE Potter*

Although unable to experience the football games, dances and gatherings of a pandemic-free senior year, students at the high school had the chance to attend the senior prom on May 21 at The Fuge in Warminster.
“I did not think the Class of 2021 was going to get a prom. With the challenges and inconsistencies the virus brought us, I didn’t think it would be possible,” senior Daniela Loreto said.
Senior Kaiya Smith had similar thoughts as she also did not think prom was going to occur.
After getting their temperature taken and a COVID-19 screening, promgoers entered the venue.
“I love seeing everyone dressed up,” senior Ella Fisher said.
The start of prom began inside for the dinner service. Guests were able to choose their main course from a range of options including chicken and steak.
After dinner, the music began and everyone made their way outside towards the dance floor.
“My friend actually set me up with a date to prom, and I went with her,” senior Kaden Smith said.
Masks were not required while dancing. COVID-19 testing was also not required due to the recent drop of cases in the community.
With her vaccination complete, Smith said she felt safe going to prom as she is protected personally and because the majority of the dance took place outside.
Senior Gina Tate agrees. “I’m fully vaccinated and I know most of my class is as well and safety precautions were taken to make sure it was safe for everyone to be there, without a mask,” Tate said.
Fisher brought a friend as her date to the dance, which allowed for her to let loose and not worry about anything other than having fun.
Students vary in their view of prom.
“I don’t think it’s that important, but definitely a fun part of your high school experience,” Tate said.
According to Smith, it’s “just a dance” and she would not be heartbroken if there was no prom.
However, Loreto disagrees. “I think it’s a staple event for any high school student, and one we will all remember,” Loreto said.
With this graduating class’s high school career looking different than past years, their junior prom did not happen so many are glad they were able to at least experience one prom before they graduate, Tate said.